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YouTube excerpts from Seattle performance of "Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest," October 2008:

Welcome to the project page for"Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest."
Learn about the project by downloading this pdf one-sheet.

Hear music from the show on Holcombe's new album, released February 15 2011, available on (1 free track available through March 21), iTunes, CDBaby, or artist-direct on (two free tracks available). Videos for the songs are being posted all year here on YouTube.



Ben Landsverk (keys, viola, banjo, guitar, glock, vocals)
Galen Cohen (cello, vocals)
Kelly Meyer (viola, french horn, vocals)
Steve Kennon (french horn, melodica, glockenspiel)


Written and Directed by Holcombe Waller
Music by Holcombe Waller and Ben Landsverk
Music Direction by Ben Landsverk
Scenic Design by Erik Flatmo
Lighting Consultation by Thomas Dunn and Lyndsay Hoback
Cinematography by Cullen Hoback and Holcombe Waller
Costume Design by Joshua Buck
Portland, New York, San Francisco Stage/Production manager Tony Fuemmeler
Seattle Production/Stage Manager Geoff Watland
And introducing Luke Norby, Our Video Girl Friday


Rockefeller Foundation MAP Fund Grant
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
On The Boards
National Performance Network Creation Fund Grant
Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant
Oregon Arts Commission

For more information, you can contact us through the contact page, or join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


REVIEW - San Francisco Weekly; "The Stage is Set"

"Holcombe Waller will be among the nominees for a MacArthur Fellowship pretty soon. What else can you say about someone who's obviously — and trust us, we wouldn't use this dreaded word unless we had to — a genius? At Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest, a theatrical stage holds a man who started out as an indie-rock singer-songwriter, but who has grown into a ... we don't really have a word for it yet, at least not in this country..." HIYA SWANHUYSER

REVIEW - Portland Mercury
"Larry Krone and Holcombe Waller: What Comes After Americana:"

"Waller's voice is like soft white felt, and last night it filled the Someday Lounge with swelling waves. Accompanied by French horn, cello, viola, xylophone, banjo, and acoustic guitar, it was clear that we were seeing something special - more specifically, Waller maturing as an artist, and fully realizing his aesthetic vision in front of one of the most important crowds of his career... something pretty magnificent." CHAS BOWIE

REVIEW - The Oregonian A&E:

"When a music critic nearly wipes away a tear - nearly, let me repeat - a musician has cause for pride. But Holcombe Waller so fully inhabited his songs of introspection, sadness, hope and transformation Saturday night at the Someday Lounge that their power to pierce so acutely was no surprise.

"The show was about Holcombe's ability to strip himself emotionally bare before an audience without losing himself in his vulnerability. One minute he told a story that begins on a nude beach (one not repeatable here without the textual equivalent of bleeping); the next minute he broke a heart with another song about loss. Waller blended the hushed quality of folk, the easy flow of pop, a dash of theatricality (especially in a piece performed in French) and a particular vision all his own. Credit goes, as well, to his guest musicians, who complemented and supported Waller with restraint and taste." LUCIANA LOPEZ

REVIEW - TJ Norris' blog world:

"I was stunned by his absolutely sweet vocal ability and keen lyrics that cross James Taylor with say, a simplified Sigur Ros. Slight in frame, his melodious stylings wriggle into a near shamanistic territory, channeling a centered tonality, with a sense of humor. This was mostly evident on a number he did in French with English subtitles. Even Hoback's films ebb'd and flow'd right around the sweet sweet song. Lovely and spare, the performance was delivered warmly even as he sat balanced atop two cardboard boxes stacked atop a table. You bet I won't wait around thinking about seeing him again, I'll just be there. It was one of the highlights of the festival thusfar." TJ NORRIS

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