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Thank you to all of the contributing supporters of the Wayfinders crowd-funding campaign! Shirts and prints are sent, and the new album will be completed this Summer for delivery by early Fall. If you missed the crowd-funding rewards but would still like to jump on board, you can still earn those rewards by making a tax-deductible contribution of support to the project via Fractured Atlas through this Summer. Wayfinders will have its first theatrical showing in Seattle at On the Boards April 10-12, and will continue on to Portland, New York, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, and Miami, with more bookings hopefully to follow. Be sure to join my mailing list to hear more about ongoing work through the year, and stay in touch on twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc etc - see you around the desert!


Some current and upcoming shows:
Apr 10 - Seattle premiere, "Wayfinders"
Apr 11 - Seattle premiere, "Wayfinders"
Apr 12 - Seattle premiere, "Wayfinders"
Aug 14 - Portland premiere, "Wayfinders"


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