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Into the Dark Unknown


“Into the Dark Unknown” is an apparition. A practiced conjurer, Holcombe Waller hosts a séance — palm to palm around the campsite fire to invoke the specters that flicker across the dried wood of the past. He incants the rising embers back up to the stars overhead like the constellate remains of so many defeated Hellenic hopes. At once melancholic and ecstatic, “Into the Dark Unknown” is experientially transportive, an Orphean journey through an everyday darkness. The album reflects six years of itinerant wanderings under the Pacific Northwest’s skies; the slow silvering of feathers and beards, and an animalistic intuition of where to find fresh shoots poking up through the melting snow. Lay some lavender across the dashboard, slide a water-smoothed stone into a pocket and set off with your best traveler’s sweater to join Holcombe's compelling journey "Into the Dark Unknown."


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1. Atlas
2. Risk of Change
3. The Unicorn
4. Baby Blue
5. Hardliners VIDEO / FREE MP3
6. Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan VIDEO
7. Shallow VIDEO
8. Into the Dark Unknown
9. About Time
10. Bored of Memory VIDEO / FREE MP3
11. Down & Cried
12. I Can Feel It

Lyrics available for each track on Bandcamp.


"Waller’s brand of chamber-flavored folk has understandably garnered him more than a few comparisons to Sufjan Stevens. That being said, after enjoying Risk Of Change a couple dozen times, I can’t help but feel that Waller is packing more than a little Leonerd Cohen in his bag of tricks. Certainly Waller is blessed with a decidedly more impressive vocal range, but with its gently fingerpicked guitars and candid frozen-in-time vignettes of NYC in winter, it’s difficult to ignore that Risk Of Change shares at least some DNA with Famous Blue Raincoat. A great and heartbreaking song, perfect for heavy drinking during the holiday season."
-My Old Kentucky Blog

"Gorgeous - melancholy but fierce and resolved. It feels like the best feelings in life, the ones that make us know that we're alive for better or worse..."
-The Oregonian



previous albums:


"Holcombe Waller's Troubled Times is part personal confession and part tirade of the current Bush administration. A highlight from the latter category? Waller actually manages to rhyme Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's name -- sort of. "Condoleezz, baby pleezz...," Waller croons on "No Enemy," "You must reverse your stance and seal your fate/ To mend the broken wing of the state.

"But even without the none-to-subtle pleas for a return to political rationality, the languid, almost non-committal quality of Waller's music feels like a challenge to the status quo in itself. The meandering, post-climactic quality of his tunes -- there is rarely a chord strummed all album -- seems to suggest, "lets knock it off with hyper-masculine 'stratergery,' America, and take a deep breath, and stop insisting everything we do be punctuated with a wailing guitar solo." Troubled Times is Waller's third album to date, all released on his own Napoleon Records label." -InRadio

<a href="">Troubled Times by Holcombe Waller</a>

2005 Napoleon Records
by Holcombe Waller
with Benjamin Landsverk


1. Troubled Times
2. Seven Eight Song
3. Don't You Love
   Nobody True
4. No Enemy
5. Literally the End
   of the World
6. Little Wrecking Ball
7. You Love Me
8. Take Me With You
9. Without It
10. Halflight
11. Joy Cruising
12. Litany
13. Hope Is Everywhere*

     *featuring Mia Doi Todd

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"For melodic sweep, the prize goes to Holcombe Waller, whose self-released Extravagant Gesture is a small pop epic."
Anne Powers, REVOLVER Magazine, May/June 2001

"His composition shares an affinity with Bjork in that it seems to come from some future place of greater sophistication..."
Clay Steakley, Performing Songwriter Magazine, May 2001

This CD is discontinued, but it's sometimes available at live shows.

"Extravagant Gesture"

2001 Napoleon Records
Produced by Steve Savage & Holcombe Waller


1. Am I Not Your Hero
2. To Be Beautiful
3. Monster
4. In All Ways Your Casanova
5. FireFlies
6. Twist 7. The Moon Is Angry With You
8. Jerusalem
9. Anthem
10. I Guess I Know the Truth
11. Ennui




Released in 1999, ADVERTISING SPACE marked Holcombe's recorded debut, as well as his first release on his own Napoleon Records.

The CD is discontinued, but it's still sometimes available at live shows.

"Advertising Space"

1999 Napoleon Records
Produced by Holcombe Waller


1. Younger Years
2. Hands that Bathe You
3. Allen Baby
4. We Call These Things
5. Anthem
6. This Life
7. Clean
8. Take a Chain to Me
9. But You, You're in Love with Everything Around You
10. Jerusalem
11. Advertising Space